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I have an Aerakyn Inquisiter, and for now, she is not worshiping any diety. It would be rather sacrilegious to worship any other diety other than Veeshan. I would love to see her return. If Erollisi can come back, why not Veeshan? So until Veeshan returns, she wanders Norrath ever searching for her purpose.


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How would it be sacrilegious to worship other deities? She doesn't care-- she wouldn't care if you did. Veeshan hasn't returned to Norrath since she originally flew by, terraformed the planet, deposited the First Brood of dragons, and then flew off to other worlds unknown. It is said that the Dragons called for her blessing in order to put Kerafyrm to sleep for his crimes, but she never actually came back.

The Aerakyn are manufactured creations of the dragons themselves designed to be soldiers and guardians, and much like the Droags, would show loyalty to the dragons themselves. I think that to claim that you are loyal to Veeshan is like your parents telling you that you need to worship God because they're using that as a tactic to control you as a child.

The entire player-race originated from a different time thread entirely and was forcibly called into EQ2's timeline with the coercive Scale of Veeshan artifact that forces you to do the bidding of the wielder of said artifact-- like Kerafyrm was assumed to have used to bring you here in the first place.

The Qeynos Aerakyn racial questline at least has other Aerakyn acknowledge that they as a race will need some time to adjust to this unknown world and timeline, so you're not the only one trying to find a purpose. They're all off worshipping other deities for more practical purposes, so why hold out with the assumption that you're going to face judgement from a deity who simply couldn't care less about you?