Beta Updates 6/7/2024

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Corrected several instances where encounters would attempt to spawn without valid encounter members, preventing the rest of the encounter from spawning.

  • Cleaned up several PvP references that were bleeding over into PvE ability descriptions. These did not modify any functionality, just descriptive text.
  • Updated several racial traits to use correct mitigations.
  • Replaced several racial traits that provided bonuses that are no longer functional stats in game.
  • Spell type damage effects on abilities that also contain melee attack effects now all scale off of strength.
  • Re-wrote charm so it functions most 2006-esq.
    • Charmed NPC's can cast their abilities.
    • Charmed NPC's can take agro.
    • Boss or Named NPC's gain charm immunity for 10% of the duration of the charm spell.

  • Corrected several food and drink recipes that were unable to make sure of coffee beans, malted milks, etc.
  • Updated the purchase and sale price of several fuel components to prevent plat dupes.

  • Put people in their place. So they won't be standing in a tree, etc.
  • Repaired several freeport hood spawncamps so that they...spawn.
  • The Overlord has been put back on his Pedestal in The Ruins.
  • Gnoll Camps are now less verbose.
  • Creatures classified as Vampires will now also import the Undead classification.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented harvests from spawning in Nektulos.

  • Collectors should now be properly flagged to be found by guards and have the Collector purpose tag.
  • A Strange Black Rock will now accept all forms of palladium bangles and palladium torques.

  • Several weapons that were classified as dual wield but could only be equipped in primary or secondary slots are all now equippable in both primary and secondary slots.
  • Several weapons that were classified as allow shield but could olnly be equipped in secondary slots are now equipped in primary slots.
  • Corrected a predicate that prevented the purchase of Shave and a Cut
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